Sunday, November 24, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 12: Russel Wright and a Cheshire Cat

Greetings. I'll just jump right in with some items I found during the last week. And I'll start with a beautiful bowl and cradle that I have not been able to identify.

I have no clue who might have manufactured this. I've posted an inquiry on a mid-century enthusiasts online community I'm part of, but, alas, I've gotten no responses. The bowl does come free from its cradle, and there are three ball feet on the cradle's bottom. So stinkin' cool. 

Anyhow, I just love it. For the time being, it'll serve as the house pinecone holder. 

I also got lucky at our closest Savers when I found two Russel Wright pieces.

This lidded veggie dish in chartreuse matches the single plate I found quite a while back. I love, love, love the chartreuse.

I also found this super stylish Russel Wright sugar bowl. Check out that fun mid-century handle.

These Christmas plates are a Marimekko design by Pfaltzgraff. The bottoms of the plates are actually marked "Marimekko Oy." (Huh?) I believe they're vintage 1970s, and they have rims similar to the Marimekko mugs I found a while back.

So I bought this Cheshire Cat mug. But wait.

When you pour in hot liquid, all but the cat's grin disappears (sort of). So stinkin' clever.

I don't care for Alice in Wonderland, by the way. The Mad Hatter is way too creepy, and Lewis Carroll was reportedly a bad man in the sickest way. I even get a little creeped out by the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Don't Come Around Here No More" video from the 1980sagain, icky. But this mug is fun.

I do love Tom Petty's music, though. Here's the aforementioned creepy video (vintage 1980s, folks!) :

And, of course, I picked up some mugs.

The cat mug is by Otagiri; the Aids Awareness mug was produced by the US Postal Sevice and is dated 1993; and the Maxwell House mug just plain reminds me of the classic Maxwell House commercials I used to watch as a kidwhen there were only four channels on the TV. The Conservative mug is a Boynton design and is signed. And the "the Good Guys" mug is a William Logan design and is also signed and dated 1977.

And I bought some Longaberger pottery and some Tupperware. I cannot pass these up.

I hope that everyone out there in thrifting land is finding themselves some good loot.

And I'm sending many thanks to Sir Thrift-A-Lot, a living space, We Call It Olde, Remnant (where I posted with a poorly cropped thumbnail photo!), and Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm for the opportunity to link up.


  1. That bowl is stunning! I would have a hard time parting with that beauty.

  2. You found some awesome stuff! I love that bowl and your sugar bowl. I have to stop buying mugs here though, they keep accumulating on me!

  3. I love tom Petty and that is one of my favorite songs & videos of all time. Thanks for the flashback!

    Those Merrimeko plates couldn't have come at a better time of year, huh?


    1. And just this week, I found two bowls that match the plates--at a different thrift store. It's just weird how that happens.

  4. Love the quirky sugar bowl - weird in a good way. I have never seen anything like the bowl and cradle (in Australia) - very nice.

    1. I'm still trying to dig up some kind of identification on the bowl. But searching "glass bowl gold cradle mid-century" is way too broad. I find all kinds of cool stuff, but not my bowl!
      And thanks for following me. It's fun swapping thrifting stories and finds from half a globe away.

  5. That bowl with the cradle is wonderful, and so is that sugar bowl. There's a vintage Franciscan sugar bowl that has a similar handle, but I didn't know about this one. Cute mugs! Thanks so much for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up. - Dawn @ We Call It

  6. Oh HEY So many good finds--the sugar bowl so delicious! Thanks for coming by Thifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm, we're happy to have you link up.