Monday, September 16, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 4: too many mugs, some Russel Wright, and PYREX Passion

The best thing I purchased this past week was something I just got yesterday at the DC Big Flea: Michael Barber’s fun and thorough book on colored and patterned opal Pyrex, “PYREX Passion: The Comprehensive Guide to Decorated Vintage PYREX.”

But I’ll share more about the bookand getting to meet Michaellater. I also need to upload a few photos of his super-duper colorful flea market booth, which I'll also post. Stay tuned.

And speaking of Pyrex . . . 

I scored my first Pyrex Hostess Set serving bowl. (I also sometimes call it "that square bowl.") I had never even seen a piece in person. This one came with the lid; however, there’s a significant chip in it, on the right handle. 
I found it at SA, and before paying and while taking one last look-see at the stuff in my cart (checking for cracks and such), a woman came over to me and peered into my cart. 
I smiled at her, thinking, "She realizes this is now my stuff, right?"
She pointed at my Pyrex and said, "Oh, that's nice."
And after a little small talk about its condition, she told me that she had the yellow Hostess Set serving bowl at home, but that it didn't have a lid. She said that she didn't even know that they came with lids. She was nothing but kind, but she seemed a little reluctant to leave me.
For a few seconds, I considered asking her whether she wanted the red dish for herself. (Should I have?) But that thought passed, and we parted. 
A Pyrex fan encounter.

At GW, I found two small Pyrex bowls in the Ebony pattern. And I already have two small plates that match. Good stuff.

I love this TrimaWay dietetic scale, because it reminds me of something my Florida Mamaw would have been into. She was a woman ahead of her time. A subscriber to Prevention Magazine as far back as I can remember, she was always on top of the latest health news.  (She's the one who warned and warned me about the harmful effects of the sun, even way back in the 1970s. And she's the reason I'm leery about buying cooking products made of iffy metals in thrift storesshe passed on scary info on the effects of cooking with aluminum cookware.) She exercised regularly for years (sometimes employing the strangest contraptions to help her do so). So it would not surprise me to learn that she also went through an I’m-gonna-weigh-my-food period.
By the way, she was pretty dag-gone healthy until her last couple of years, and she lived past the age of 90.

I bought these pieces on the same shelf at SA, and they sure look like they go together, yet the logos on the back are different. The logo pictured here is from the small bowl. I’ve looked for it online, but—alas—I can find it nowhere.
(And thanks to my kids, I now can use the PhotoGrid app on my phone!) 

Gotta love a Russel Wright plate in chartreuse. I do. (Please refer to my chartreuse blog banner as evidence.)

This is my first-ever piece of Corelle, because I’m just not a Corelle fan. (The designs can be fun, but the stuff is so . . . thin?) The Morton Salt girl sold me on this one, though. Remember the commercials? When it rains, it pours.

These two Fire King mugs are part of a set that includes more mugs and a punch/egg nog bowl. I know this only because I’ve seen the set for sale online. (I only drink soy nog, by the way.)

Okay, so a few more photos of mugs will follow, because I’ve decided that mugs might be the way to go when starting out on Etsy (if and when I ever do).
Figuring shipping and handling worries me. So I’m thinking that if I start with items that are smaller—thus, easier to pack—I can ease my way in.
These are the my three favorite of those I bought. "Management Academy" is printed on the back of the USPS mug. Funny. 

 More mugs. These were produced in Korea.

 And more. These were produced in Japan.

And a hip mug, part of the Merry-Masterpieces series, vintage 1999.

I also found this vintage shaving mug (1940s? 1950's?) for 50 cents. I just love the fonts.

I find lots of colonial-themed glasses in my area. I already have three of these green and yellow ones from a previous thrift store stop, so I guess I now have a set.

I cannot resist a sour cream glass, and this one is in mint condition. I paid 96 cents. And just yesterday at the DC Big Flea, I saw this one (but in blue) priced at $11.

I found more Tupperware for my everyday use. I know that the lavender bowl is vintage early 2000s, because I attended a party at which it was available. (I prefer the brighter colors, but I'll take the pastels if the price is right.)

And this is, for sure, my heaviest purchase of the weeka never-used Lodge Dutch oven. I've been wanting one, and there it sat in the thrift store, priced at $10. So I lugged it home. 
I was so ready to use it that I seasoned it that day, the hottest day we've had here in at least six weeks; it was in the mid-90s. Crazy, I know. As soon as it got cooler (say, low 80s), I made veggie soup in it, which is when this photo was taken. 
Because I know that this very Dutch oven is available in stores now, we'll call this find "vintage 2013."

And that was my thrifting week. I'll soon get to posting about the Pyrex Passion booth at the DC Big Flea. 

And thanks, a living space and Sir Thrift A Lot, for the opportunity to link up with y'all.

Update: I've posted photos of my DC Big Flea and PYREX Passion experience here.



  1. Wow, what amazing finds! I love the red Pyrex piece, but I'm absolutely swooning over the chartreuse Russel Wright! Good for you!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I often feel silly buying a single plate—though I tend to mix and match a lot. This one is so loud, though. I suppose I’ll use it for, say, serving chocolate chip cookies?

  2. I love that sour cream glass! I have one that I bought from an antique street fair. I haven't seen another one since!


    1. Erica, I just saw this comment--my reason for such a late reply.
      But I love the sour cream glasses, too. They're good and hefty, not delicate and easily broken. And they're cute.

  3. Wow! Great finds! I've found the red Hostess a few times, but never with the lid. Just turn that dang chip to the back and no one will ever notice!
    I hope you LOVE your Pyrex book! I know I do!

    1. Melissa, I just noticed your comment. (I'm new at this blogging thing!)
      And I do love my Pyrex book. I'll bet that you, like I, refer to it often. I keep forgetting to take it with me thrifting, though. I'll be in a store, I'll see a piece that I don't know well, and I'll kick myself for forgetting to throw the book in my vehicle for quick reference. Oh, well.