Sunday, November 17, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 11: more mugs and Pyrex Flameware

This week, I posted my first-ever classified on Craigslist (a set of Stendig chairs for sale at a fixed price), but the only response I've gotten is one low-ball offer, which I turned down. I bought these chairs at a GW a while back, and I'll use them myself if I can't get my price.

My Craigslist foray is meant to help me get my online resell feet wet, as I've never done anything like this before. We'll see how it goes.

See. Aren't they nice?

But moving on . . . this weekend (my regular writing/posting period) has been so dreary and dark that I haven't had a chance to take photos of all that I found during the week. (This girl's gotta have some good, natural light filtering through the windows for picture taking.) So I’m posting only those things that I snapped a few days back, when it was brighter and sunny and happy. 

Let's start with some mugs, which I really need to quit buying. But I know that won't happen. 

These coordinating mugs are stamped with "Japan" on the bottoms. Suh-weet, huh?

The mug on the left is a Mikel Urmeneta design, which I've done a little research on because he's new to me. (And here is an odd "about" page on his business website,  Kukuxumusu.) Seems like I should have heard of him, as he's reportedly selling products in 98 countries. Again, I've learned something new through thrifting.

The New York mug is just plain cool1970s cool, I'm thinking?

And I love the vintage look of the Indiana mug. Its bottom is stamped with "USA."

When I saw these cute, smallish Corning mugs/cups in the Manassas GW, I looked them up on my iPhone and found a couple of listings where folks were calling them "John Lennon" mugspresumably because of the "imagine" printed on themmaking me wonder whether they were early 1980s.


When I got home and researched further, I learned that this is a 1995 pattern called Heather's Plate, named after the little girl who won a plate design contest held to commemorate Corelle's 25th anniversary. The contest was open to 7- to 12-year-olds, and the theme was "Imagine What We Can Do Together" (re: diversity). The complete set of Heather's Plate included a dinner plate, a soup plate, and one of these cups. 

(Okay. So I went outside in a lull in the sprinkling rain to try to take one photo.) I believe this is the six-cup "American Hostess" Flameware Teapot first produced by Pyrex in 1943. 

According to my copy of Barbara E. Mauzy's PYREX: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide, a Pyrex recipe book made the following claim about this product: A PYREX teapot is fine for fruit juices, spaghetti sauce, soups, and tops for tea.

Goodness. Who knew?

Boring to look at in a photo, I know . . . but these never-used Pampered Chef steamers are so stinkin' handy-dandy. I have both sizes myself, and I've used mine three or four times a week for about 10 years. So when I saw these two steamers (at two separate thrift stores on the same day), I grabbed them to give them to the oldest daughter, who'll move into an apartment next year. (By the way, hers cost a lot less than mine did.)

The bottom piece is Tupperware, designed for storing photos. That's not gonna happen, though, because it's missing some of the inside pieces. But there was no way I could pass up black and gray Tupperware. I'll find a use for it.

This kitchen towel, which I got for 50 cents, appears to be from the actual Venice Simplon-Orient-Express based in London. (Did someone lift it from the kitchen staff? I don't know.) But I do know that the train's website is quite impressiveall swank. Looks like a fun trip. 

And my last item isn't actually a thrift store find; instead, a friend gave it to me. She was going through her grandmother's stuff, and before donating it, she asked me whether I'd like it. She's been in my home, you see, and she knows that I like to repurpose vintage luggage. The label on the front has been broken off, so I'm not sure who made this one.

I'll have more next weekafter I get those photos taken.

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift-A-Lot, Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm, We Call It Olde, and a living space. And, as always, I thank them for the opportunity.


  1. I love that dish towel! You really scored here. Even the Imagine mugs are cute even though they aren't John Lennon inspired!

  2. You are right, the New York mug is just cool! Much better than modern tourist mugs.

    1. I agree--much better than modern tourist mugs. And why IS that?

  3. I just LOVE that towel! I have quite the collection of vintage tea- and dish towels, and have a few vintage railroad towels mixed in. Yours is pretty cool!

  4. I'm a mug fiend too, love all that you found!

    1. It's nuts, isn't it?
      I have two go-to mugs for coffee and another one for tea. I don't need any more mugs!

  5. I'd have snatched up the towel too...but I'd really rather go for a ride on the train!

  6. I have had the smaller Pampered Chef steamer for about the last 12 years and use it all the time! The thing just won't wear out. I would love to find another one at the thrifts since PC stuff can be pretty spendy retail pricewise.

    I wish you luck not buying mugs, especially those marked Japan & USA :-)


    1. Yeah, the steamers are so convenient. Hope you soon happen upon another one for yourself.
      I've seen others here and there that are more used (some of them are plum colored?), but I only bought them this time because of my daughter.
      Half of my baking stones are from thrift stores, too. I love finding Pampered Chef stuff at thrift store prices.

  7. Wow you found lots of really cool stuff. I love that teapot's design and all of your mugs. Sadly I have too many mugs to. Every time I sell one I buy three more and it keeps spreading!

  8. You are with mugs the way I am with Pyrex! I love that 1943 Pyrex piece, wow, that's really old, I mean olde. Awesome. That towel is super cool, too, what a great find. Loving the suitcase, I have a train case I got from an antique store that looks a lot like it, it's a Starline I think. Thanks so much for joining the We Call It Olde Link Up, I love what you always bring to share! -Dawn @ We Call It

    1. I have a couple of Starlane pieces, too. They're so much cooler than today's duffle bags.
      And, as always, thank you for your link-up!

  9. Well so many treasures! Black tupperware? Can you imagine how much that will sell for on ebay? Oh for your chairs--have you considered selling on a local facebook group? we have an 'online yardsale page' started by me with 2,000 members--I sell bulky big items and other stuff for quick sales--NO FEES! and I feel slightly safe there rather than craigslist
    THANK YOU for linking up to Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm

    1. Thanks for the idea. I'll search and see whether we have a local yard sale page in my area.
      And thank YOU for the link-up!