Tuesday, October 22, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 8: Pyrex, more Pyrex, and Texas Ware

As I mentioned in my last chapter, my parents visited a while back. Mama isn’t really into shopping at thrift stores; she’s more of the “declutter the mess and donate” camp. (Thank goodness for those people!) And I do think she worries about my habit. However, on this trip she was all excited about stopping in at several of my haunts after a morning spent at our nearby IKEA. And look at what she scored.

It took only minutes to tidy up this mid-century table. Besides the usual cobwebs and dirt, it was splattered with a little bit of white paint. The thing has three rattan legs and a Formica top; it isn't wobbly at all; and I love the rounded triangular shape. There’s no logo or manufacturer’s name anywhere on it, which has made it awfully difficult to learn more about it online. Mama and I have both tried repeatedly, to no avail. But based on what I happened across in my research, I’m guessing it’s vintage 1950s.

Mama was hoping to find an occasional table to sit between these two chairs in her living room, and I think she did okay. And it cost only $20much less than those Ethan Allen chairs flanking it, though just as stylish.

In one SA where we stopped, I made off with some good Pyrex. Funny, because as we went in, I told Mama that not only do I find little at this particular store, but that what I do find is overpriced.  Not this time, though.

According to Michael Barber’s Pyrex Passion, which I wrote about here, this casserole’s unofficial name is Golden Wildflower, and it was produced some time in the 1960s. The cradle is in good condition, with melted candles still stuck in the cups, and the lid has no issues. I’m not big on Pyrex’s gold leaf/beige/yellow patterns, but this entire combo was priced at $4.99. I couldn’t leave it there.

I also bought this Butterfly Gold mixing bowl (401). It’s in perfect condition. I’ve always loved this color; it reminds me of the Brach’s butterscotch candies so many of us ate in the 1970s (and is probably why many of us have dental issues now!). 

I just wish I could wear this color; but, alas, it’s not in my palette. 

(Please forgive the Leaning Tower of Pyrex effect in my photo.) 

The last thing I found at the supposedly lousy SA was this entire Verde mixing bowl set. The largest three bowls (404, 403, and 402, with colors Dark Green, Avocado, and Light Green, respectively, according to Pyrex Passion) were in pristine condition on the shelf, but the smallest (401, the Yellow-Green) looked pretty bad. I was sure it was dishwasher damaged. However, after a little Bar Keepers Friend action at home, it looked great. 

By the way, the Verde pattern was produced between 1967 and 1972. And, according to Pyrex Passion, printed on the sets' original boxes was "Verde . . . The New Avocado Colors."

The avocado green Pyrex patterns and solids have always been my favorites, because they remind my of the refrigerator my family had for over 20 years while I was growing up. It too was avocado green, and it was bought in the late 1960s. 

As a matter of fact, it was still working in 1987 when my parents sold their house, andget thisat closing (which was done in person sitting at a real estate agent's table), the female buyer insisted that the fridge come with the dealout of the blue. Mama wanted to walk, but Daddy wouldn't let her. (He really, really wanted to sell.) Well, Mama still hasn't forgotten that woman, and she still bemoans the loss of that avocado green fridge. 

Later in the week, I picked up this Texas Ware Confetti Bowl, the super-large size. I occasionally see Rachael Ray's throw-back versionwhat she calls a Confetti Garbage Bowl. But this is my first-ever vintage sighting. 

Beside it sat a brownish melmac tray of another brand. And it had cool mod handles. But I just couldn't buy it: not only was it pretty badly scratched inside, but the color and pattern looked way too much like vomit. I couldn't buy itvintage or not. 

I cannot pass up inexpensive melmac cereal bowls in great shape. The white ones here are marked Stetson (out of Chicago). The orange ones (I love orange!) aren't marked with any brand. Both my Mamaws had brown ones (some of which I have inherited) with no manufacturer's name on them. I figure this means that those were less expensive in their day? Perhaps that's why my thrifty grandmothers bought them.

I've been on the lookout for a vintage wind-up clock that actually works. Bingo. found a Baby Ben at one of the stores Mama and I stopped in. Note the fun glow-in-the-dark hands which, of course, only glow in the dark for a few minutes after the lights go out. Still, I'm liking it.

I like metal trays, and this one was 96 cents. So I bought it.

It's not like I need another soup mug, particularly one devoted to fathers. But I love the colors in this one (like I loved the colors in the similar one I found last month). The bottom of this one is also stamped "Japan." Has to be vintage 1970s?

Check out these (have-to-be-vintage-1970s) mushroom mugs. They were produced by Otagiri, a name I often see on mugs in thrift stores, and were made in Japan. Funky.

This is a Starbucks mug that Mama found for me at our closest Savers. When I told her that I always keep a lookout them for a future Ebay listing attempt, she was all in and made a beeline for the mug section. The bottom of this one is marked 2006. I’m assuming it was a Valentine’s Day offering?

Mama also found these at Savers. (She was shopping like a pro.) They're dated 2012.

And I found more Blakely gas station series glasses to go with the ones I already have. This is the first Blakely juice glass I've found, though. (My others are iced tea glasses.) According to this handy-dandy Blakely collectors site, the juice glasses are a bit rarer. So I'm psyched. 

To conclude this chapter, Mama and I had fun thrift store shopping together. And I think Daddy was okay with sitting in the parking lots in my SUV listening to the radio while we did so.

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And that is all.