Monday, February 17, 2014

thrift store spoils, ch. 17: Couroc hummingbirds, Porky Pig, and the SS Norway

I'm back after a month-long blogging hiatus. My reasons? Lots of work (I substitute teach)and several snow days (meaning that my kids have been home to trash the house and get in my way). 

And on a much less trivial note, my Kentucky Mamaw died last month. I spent about a week driving to North Carolina to meet up with my parents before driving on to Kentucky and back for the funeral. This Mamaw, my father's mother, was the one I've referenced who spent most of her lifetime on a farm. Among other talents, she maintained her own veggie garden, she quilted blankets (mostly with 60's or 70's fabric), and she churned her own butter. When she got much older, she moved into an easy-to-maintain duplex and, later, on to an assisted living home. Mamaw was 95 when she died. 

Mama asked me whether there was anything of Mamaw's that I'd like to bring back with me, an item to remember her by. My mind immediately went to her aluminum cake cover and carrier. I can't count how many times it was used by Mamaw to serve my brother, my sister, and me one of her three-layered cakes. My aunt and uncle were able to locate the vintage item in Mamaw's garage, and it's now in my kitchen.

I'll use it to store plates of brownies or cookies. Goodness knows I'll never match her in the art of cake making. She knew her stuff.

And on to my latest thrift store findsI bought this beauty at my favorite GW last month. 

This jacquard tablecloth was made in Austria. My photos stink, I know. But the second photo shows a bit of the detail on the wide border. After I iron it a bit, I'll photograph it better and list it on Etsy.

At the same GW, I found these vintage-hip hummingbird lowball glasses. They're by Courocvintage 1950s, I believe. And they're in perfect condition. I'll list them on Etsy as soon as I figure out how to ship them without it costing a fortune. They're quite weighty.  

Yes. I now have yet another mid-century magazine rack to add to my collection. I just love these things. So handy-dandy.

On the way to Kentucky (and we went the backish wayvia highways that took us through small Appalachian towns rather than by the more impersonal interstate), Mama and I took note of every Goodwill or Salvation Army store we passed. (I think I've mentioned before that Mama has recently contracted a Pyrex obsession, causing her to stop in at thrift stores as often as the rest of us do?) On the way home, we visited every store on our list.

Of note here is the fact that my brother is an architect who does work for Goodwill in Kentucky: he has both designed rehabs of old buildings for Goodwill offices and/or stores, as well as drawn complete from-the-ground-up plans for them. One of those GW stores Mama and I visited was his creation. Cool!

And at one of those Kentucky stores, I picked up this Glasbake milk glass "Mom" mug. I grabbed it, because I've already sold a pair of similar mugs ("Grandpa" and "Grandma") on Etsy. We'll see how well this one does.

Okay. So it's time to crowd my post with more photos of mugs. What can I say? I cannot pass them up.

This Enesco mug is dated 1978. Garfield was so big back then. (I remember!)It's listed on Etsy.

This mug by Inhesion features artwork by Maria Ryan, as well as her signature. On the bottom of the mug is the name "Cat n' Mouse," which I just don't get. What does "n'" mean?
And? Nope: one too few apostrophes. 
An? Nope: not only does that not make sense, but the apostrophe is in the wrong place.
I've listed this mug on Etsy (cat folks love their cat mugs), but it bothered me to include that incomprehensible name.

This milk glass mug featuring a sweet pastoral scene was manufactured by Anchor Hocking. I have yet to list it (needs a better photo!), and I've yet to research it. The design leads me to believe it's vintage 1980s, though, but I can't be sure.

And I just love this mug. (The blues! Oh, my.) My understanding is that this was sold (or given?) as a souvenir aboard the Norwegian Cruiseline's SS Norway in the early 1980's. I researched and found that the ship was dismantled in 2008. So there will be no more. I thought about keeping this for myself. But, for now, it's listed on Etsy.

I picked these items up here and there: a Longaberger candle crock, a brass owl (with an old Walmart sticker on the bottom?), and a Tupperware ice tea cup (Uncle Si-style). I've already given the cup to my college freshman daughter.

After my trip to Kentucky and on my way home from Mama and Daddy's place, I stopped in at a GW in Salem, Virginia, where I bought this set of Lenox Ware melamine children's cups. I grew up watching Warner Bros. cartoons on Saturday mornings, and I loved the stuttering Porky Pig. 

And to quote this iconic character: That's all, Folks!

Oops. Thanks to Sir Thrift-a-Lot and We Call It Junkin for the opportunity to link up!