Saturday, March 29, 2014

thrift store spoils, ch. 21: Marimekko Oy, Dansk, and Remington Steele meets Strawberry Shortcake

I have become a Me-TV junkie. For those of you unfamiliar with the channel, "Me" is short for "memorable entertainment." That is, classics. (Don't you like the retro logo above?) 

These are shows that are quite often potically incorrect, without apology. (Oh, the freedom!) 

They are unafraid to feature cigarette smokers, sunbathers, and seatbeltless passengers. (You won't find twerking here, though. Thank the good Lord.) 

And they are as vintage as vintage gets. 

And I'm glad that I've been able to introduce some of these classic shows to the kidsshows such as Gilligan's Island, Columbo, and Wonder Woman. And for the first time in my memory, I, myself, can watch Remington Steele in syndication.

I spent the 1980's as a high school and college student, and (not that you asked, but) my must-see shows of the decade were Magnum, P.I. (duh!), The Dukes of Hazzard, Cheers, Hart to Hart, and Remington Steele

Yep. I liked Doris Roberts before she became Raymond's mom. And I liked Pierce Brosnan before he became 007and even before he gained the extra muscle that made him even more attractive. And, I must say, the only accent more appealing than a British accent is a Southern one. (Thus, the inclusion of the Dukes in my list!)

Me-TV broadcasts Remington Steele on Sunday afternoons, and I use my handy-dandy DVR function so that I can watch it alone later in the week. So this week's episode ("Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws"with a plot obviously piggybacking on the Rocky movies' boxing theme popularity during the decade) has, in one part, our debonaire Mr. Steele going undercover as a wheeler-dealer (a role not unfamiliar to him, given his mysterious and suspect past), during which time he meets briefly with a shady character in a diner. Vintage dishware alert!

Check out what's sitting on the counter in front of them: an Anchor Hocking milk glass mug featuring Strawberry Shortcake. (I think this is the exact one.)

Why is such a precious mug sitting in such a seedy scene, you may be thinking? I have no clue. Irony, perhaps?

I was never a Strawberry Shortcake fan; instead, I was of the older Holly Hobbie generation. But my little sister was the prime age when Strawberry Shortcake became uber-popular in the 1980's. And I think I remember that she had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox?

Anyhow, just thought I'd share the vintage sighting surprise that occurred while I watched vintage TV.  

Now on to the week's finds.

I picked up this simple, white veggie bowl by Merimekko Oy (Pfaltzgraff). It's in great condition, with some crazing only. Marimekko has sold well for me in my Etsy shop, so I'll list it there.

I also found this classic metal trivet, made in Japan. Truly kitschy-cool. Hey, who doesn't like a practical kitchen item that also demeans (good naturedly, of course) the authority of the man of the house? And check out the weapon bread roller at the bottom. 

This Mrs. Clause salt shaker is also made in Japan. Isn't the detail on her face sweet? Alas, the pepper shaker was nowhere to be found. A day in the life of a thrifter.

And this mug is by Dansk. I know very little about it right now, only that it reads "Dansk Designs Denmark" on the bottom. I'll learn more and then list it on Etsy, I suppose.

This pair of owl mugs is unmarkedno "made in Japan" or anything. (I assume they're vintage 1970's, though.) I got them because pairs are good to list. They also remind me of the several houses (rented and owned) we had growing up. Owls were always represented, and the decor always included a healthy amount of brown.

These are items I found and bought for Mama. As I've mentioned before, she's a fan of yellow. The Opal loaf pan is Pyrex, of course. And the platter pattern is "Fresh as Spring" by Mikasa Light 'n Lively, made in Japan. I think I've loved every Light 'n Lively pattern I've come across.

This Tupperware Servalier canister set was marked at $4 for all eight pieces. I texted a photo to Mama, told her they were a pale yellow, and asked whether she wanted them. "Yes!" she responded. (I believe they're officially listed as Harvest Gold, by the way.)

And that's it. 

If you're so inclined, check out some Me-TV. Thrifters who are vintage nuts should be watching some vintage TV!

And thanks extended to Sir Thrift-a-Lot, We Call It Junkin, and Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm for the opportunity to link up.


  1. Hi Lori, I'm popping over for Sir's party! I LOVE me-tv. I have all these fancy cable channels and Netflix and I end up watching me-tv at least half the time :)

    1. And don't you love their fun commercials promoting their own shows?
      I watch so much Me-TV around here, too. I even put on Hawaii Five-O (the original!) when I'm home around that time. Love the decor in that show.
      We also have COZI TV in our market. It's not quite as good, but still has a nice selection of vintage shows. The mornings are all Westerns.
      So glad that you popped over!

  2. I believe your Dansk mug is from the "Mist" collection? Might be a good starting point for research :) Hope that helps.

    1. Yes! Thanks so much for the lead. It is indeed a Mist mug. And it looks like it's a pattern from the 1970's?
      I'll dig deeper.

  3. As long as you can find them with lids that aren't warped and/or cracked, those canisters are great! Tupperware will still replace the lids, but you probably won't get a matching color.

  4. Goodness, I didn't know that Tupperware would try to replace the lids. Cool!
    And, yes, they're great. Tupperware never goes out of style!

  5. the owl mugs should sell well! we must be of the same born around1970 generation because I totally connected with you on your touch points in tv--no one I know watched hart to hart I LOVED it as a child!

    1. You watched it, too? We're the high-cultured ones, then . . . ;-)
      Hart to Hart was so much fun! I wish it were downloadable on Netflix stream. Right now it's available only on DVD.
      They were such a fun couple, coincidentally finding themselves in the middle of a murder mystery every week. And Max was their Mildred Krebs.
      And Stefanie Powers had the best 1980s hair ever!

  6. That Strawberry Shortcake mug in that "mean" scene is a riot! So glad you showed us that, I got a kick out of it. I love your owl mugs and that fabulous white milk glass loaf pan! Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. As always, thank you for offering the link-up!
      Check out Dawn's cool site, folks:

  7. I love this blog! I wish you write more! Great mid century modern pics here!