Monday, January 13, 2014

thrift store spoils, ch. 16: Dixie Dogwood, Otagiri, and more Pyrex

My mom has caught the Pyrex bug. (I own some of the blame, I'm sure.) Unfortunately, though, she says there's not much of a Pyrex inventory near her home in the North Carolina mountains. So I took pity on her one morning this past week (while she searched Pyrex listings on Ebay) and ran into a few thrift stores I don't get to visit very oftenjust for her. And I she got lucky.

The following photos are those that I texted her while in the stores, the photos that asked, "Do you want this?"

At my first stop, a SA, I struck yellow. This unnumbered primary bowl was in super condition and priced at only five bucks. A no-brainer.

Primary serendipity! At the next store, a GW just down the road, I grabbed this green 403 for her. It was in pretty good condition, too.

Then I moved a couple of aisles over.

And there sat more primaries. The red 402, God bless it, was way beyond refurbishing, so I recommended (via text) that Mama pass on it. The blue 401, though, I thought had promise.

I wrote to her saying that, despite the scratches, the bowl was a nice enough one for $1.96. But here's the deal: When I got home and washed it, I learned that those weren't scratches after all. Instead, the whitish stuff is some kind of film, which I hope I can remove with some product and a little bit of elbow grease. We'll see.


Also at that GW, I got Mama a divided lid for $2.96. (She's even collecting lids now.)

And this is one of two manger scenes I found for her. She has been collecting these for a while. (I take no responsibility for this obsession of hers, by the way.) This cute handmade ceramics project is dated in the late 1970s (about the time Mama and I also had some ceramics funwhen it was quite the thing). It stands only about three inches tall.

At my last stop for her, my favorite GW, I found this Butterfly Gold Cinderella (the vintage 1972-1978 release). It wasn't in great shape, with that dull finish and lots of little scuff marks. But it was priced at $2.96, so I convinced Mama (still via text) to get it. When I got home, I worked on it just a little. I was able to get rid of the marks with Bar Keeper's Friend, but it's still dull. I'm not sure whether I should have gotten it. We'll need to work on it a little more.

And I found her another lid.

And this is what her haul looked like after I washed things up a bit. It was a pretty primary day for her, for sure.

And for myself? I did okay.

This is a bad photo, I know. But I've already washed and packed my new Santa away for next year. (This is the photo I texted to Mama.)  Christmas was 75 percent off that day, by the way, affecting the prices for my Santa and Mama's nativity scenes. And like Mama's nativity scene, my Santa is hand done.

Of course, I had to buy some mugs, all of which are now listed in my Etsy shop. This one is by artist and author Suzy Becker, and it's signed and dated 1991.

I'm so over folk country, but some folks have never abandoned it. And, hey, for some, it's new and retro! So I picked up this mug by Potpourri Press. It's dated 1990. And it oozes that folk-art-country-late-1980s-early-1990s style.

And I say you can't go wrong with an Otagiri mug. Isn't it classic? This one was made in Japan.

I just love these melmac fondue plates, made in Japan. Dijon mustard yellow? Oh, yeah. And they'll coordinate just fine with the plates I found in the summer.

And lastly, I bought this set of 12 bread-and-butter plates, thinking that they might be Blue Ridge Pottery, although there was no making on the bottoms. (I was going to list them in my shop.) Turns out they're actually the Dixie Dogwood pattern by Joni China, which is fine, too. In the end, though, Mama wants them. And that works even better for me. They'll look right at home in her kitchen.

That's all for this week. Hope everyone is having good thrifting luck!

And thanks, as always, to Sir Thrift-a-Lot and a living space for the opportunity to link up.



  1. Very nice haul! I can't believe you found all of those primary color Pyrex bowls in the same day, in different places! I love the dogwood plates, too. :)

    1. Exactly! Now, the bottoms were all different--one was unnumbered, and the other two didn't match exactly, and the red , , , I never even turned over. But, still, how does that happen?

  2. All four primaries in one day? You better play the lottery soon!

  3. Loving those bowls, mugs, and plates. We have the same taste in vintage kitchen goodness.

  4. Great finds! Can't believe you have Pyrex so readily available. Lucky you, or should I say lucky Mom since they are for her. The Otigari mug is sweet too.

    1. Yep. I don't know whether it's the dense population in Northern Virginia--as well as so many of those folks downsizing to fit in the overpriced, small, and VINTAGE houses around here. But we do seem to have pockets of Pyrex.
      I'd give up the good thrift shopping here in a heartbeat, though, to live out in what I consider REAL Virginia. Lucky you!