Sunday, December 22, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 14: Couroc, Marimekko Oy, and Harkerware

Just to start us offwhat I didn't buy:

Yep. Gross.

I'm off schedule with my posts, so allow me to quickly wrap up the latest events of note:

  • I've sold nine items in my new (and still modest) Etsy shop, including that naughty kitty-cat mug by Taylor & Ng. Someone commented on my last post about how easy those are to sell, and I guess she was right.(I feel better now that it's not associated with my name. Weird, I know.)
  • I have to research the Ebay auction process some more, because I'm obviously clueless. I did sell three Starbucks mugs a couple of weeks ago, though: I made a decent profit on an Istanbul City Series mug; I made a little profit on a classic mermaid mug; and after losing money on shipping costs, I barely broke even on a Christmas mug. Oh, well.
  • My Craigslist listing for the Stendig chairs garnered nothing but a couple of scam inquiries. I may try to list them again in the spring, or I may just keep them for myself.
  • As noted in my last post, my mom has developed a taste for vintage glass ball ornamentsparticularly Shiny Brites. So I now keep a lookout for those wherever I go.

And that's where I'll start todaywith the loot I found for Mama this week.

The three single ornaments are Shiny Brites (they have some blemishes, but I got all three for a buck), and the boxed ornaments are by Coby. Mama is now into the pinks, so when I texted her with info and a photo from the store, she told me to grab them. And, what the heck, grab the red ones, too.

And this is my Christmas loot from the same trip. The Marimekko Oy mug by Pfaltzgraff is vintage 1980's, I think. The winking Santa mug is by Holt Howard, and the five tacky garland packs in the back still have their Kmart price tags. (I'm thinking the garland isn't all that old, and I've never ever used this stuff. I'm ready, though. Love the rich color.) 

The rotund Santa in front is kitschy cool, but I don't know what it is. Note the holes in him, please. There's also a big hole on the bottom of him. Mama suggested that he was once used for some kind of scent or incense? But we don't know. Any ideas out there?

At my favorite GW a couple of weeks ago, I found these six Russel Wright Harkerware plates (bread and butter, maybe?) in charcoal. They're substantial in weight. Really nice. I'm not yet sure whether I'll keep these or list them on Etsy.

I also bought this mid-century modern styled compote thingie. It's made of somewhat cheap materials, but I love its lines and the look. I'm keeping this baby for myself.

I've found a Couroc bowl and a Couroc plate at my GW, but this is the first tray I've found there. Oddly, my GW throws the Courac items in with the plastic stuff. So while I'm hunting through the useless dollar-store throw-aways in hopes of happening upon either Tupperware or melmac, I occasionally find one of these beauties. The inlaid wood on the cardinal's perch is lovely up close, by the way.

I have no idea what this flower is. I do know that it's metal and that there's a magnet on the back of it. It was so cool, though, that I couldn't leave it sitting on the thrift store shelf. I'll think of a purpose for it later.

And now to the mugs that I felt obligated to buy:

Another Marimekko Oy mug by Pfaltzgraff. Again, I think it's vintage 1980's, and it'll soon be listed in my Etsy shop. (Too late for this Christmas, unfortunately!)

This mug celebrating Clarksville, Indiana, was produced by Louisville Stoneware. (I'm originally from Kentucky, so I have to love Louisville Stoneware.)  I'll list it on Etsy. The second item that I sold on Etsy was a Louisville Stoneware nativity plate, by the way. 

This Sandra Boynton mug with the smarta** comment will be listed on my Etsy shop.

And I love this groovy mug. Heyit's orange! On the bottom is printed one word: Daisy. Duh.

(Apologies for the crooked image. Hope it's not making anyone sick.) I found this copper standoriginally intended for a fondue pot, I suppose? And I loved its style, its nifty legs. So I bought it.

It's now a hip mid-century modern plant stand. (And it's only crooked in the photo.)

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift-a-Lot, Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm, We Call It Junkin, and a living space. (Sending out many thanks to them for the opportunity!)

Happy thrifting and a peaceful Christmas to y'all! 

And that is all for now.


  1. I buy thrifted mugs all the time. I'm such a nut. I have an etsy shop but have never put anything in it! I must follow your example. I had a shooting star on ebay but their fees just ate up too much of the profit.

  2. You can't sell the Russel Wright Harkerware plates! They are too awesome!

    I like your "plant stand" too :)

  3. Wow, all wonderful finds. Love the Harkerware Russel Wright and the compote is great too.

  4. Love the mugs and beautiful Christmas goodness you scored :)

  5. I missed last weeks post - but I love that ET Christmas bulb! What I wouldn't give to find one of those in the thrift (I don't have the cash to buy one online). Love that dirty cat mug. I'm not a fan of The Far Side, either. Don't get it. People even like Maxine still. Don't get that either.

    Grossest thing I seen a thrift (I think): Vagisil.

    Thanks for linking up with Thriftasaurus!
    ❤ Sir Thrift-A-Lot


  6. Great finds! You would love to shop here - most of time the mugs at the thrifts are in the free pile!

  7. Christmas Hugs from Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. " my opinion" - I know some people like that! Ha ha! I hope you had a great Christmas! Love your finds. Great use for the fondue stand. I love those bread plates, and the holey Santa thing...yeah, I'd agree about incense, or maybe a garlic keeper? Thanks for sharing this at the History & Home link party. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It