Sunday, September 8, 2013

thrift store spoils, ch. 3: Arabia of Finland and Pyrex

Looking back on my week, I thought I didn’t really have many finds to post. But after I gathered the items for photos, I realized my mistake. Goodness gracious, accumulation sneaks up on a person.  

The good news? I found an Arabia of Finland jam pot for a measly 96 cents! The bad? It’s missing its lid.
I’ve seen Arabia jam pots sans lids listed online, but I don’t know how well they sell. When I one day open that Etsy shop I talk about, I guess I’ll find out.

I bought a heavy-duty soup mug with great late 1960s (or turn of the decade?) character. "Japan" is stamped on the bottom. This was another 96-cent purchase, and I'll feel so mod while eating leftover soup or veggie chili from it.

“Barista” is printed on the bottom of this Starbucks mug, and it’s dated 2001. I’m not a Starbucks nut, and I don’t collect their mugs, but I know some folks do. So I bought this one (again, for 96 cents) in hopes of listing it online someday. We’ll see.

I couldn’t pass up this Pyrex Butterfly Gold butter dish, even though we don’t eat real butter in our home. Instead, we eat Smart Balance, which I buy in tubs (they don't sell it in stick form at my commissary). I sometimes make a knockoff version of the Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Honey Butter with Smart Balance. And, to justify this purchase, I suppose I'll have to mold that into a lovely little stick of pretend butter, perfect for serving in a butter dish.

My second Pyrex purchase of the week was this Butterprint Cinderella bowl (441). I’ve seen the image color listed online and in a Pyrex collector’s guide as both yellow and orange, but I don’t know which is correct. In person, it looks somewhere in between—but probably closer to orange. I own several Butterprint pieces, but they’re all in the more common turquoise. It’s nice to have a rarer piece—and for only $2.99.

And my final Pyrex purchase of the week is this set of mugs (24) in Terra.  I’m not a big fan of this pattern; I like my Pyrex glossy, I guess? As a matter of fact, the first time I ever saw one of these mugs sitting on a thrift store shelf—a year or so ago—I thought it had suffered dishwasher abuse; therefore, I passed it up. Now I accept Terra as the odd and flat (but still legit) cousin in the Pyrex family.  

This is a wide, shallow bowl I couldn’t resist—not because of the design on the front, but because of the great retro logo on the back. I did look up the pattern on this handy-dandy website devoted to Southern Potteries, and it’s called French Knots. (Looks like clover flowers to me.)

I don’t need this mug, goodness knows. But I find it difficult to pass up anything that says “Franciscan” on it. I looked it up, and it’s the Heritage pattern, part of the Discovery line, and it was produced in the mid-1960s. The green is muted in person, but still more green than it appears in this photo. I like its tapered shape.

Here are more mugs I don’t need. And I don’t even think they’re vintage—unless they’re vintage mid-new-millennium, that is? They’re also smaller than they appear in this photo.  And they look like they may have been produced by a German museum? I had to buy them, though. They were only 46 cents apiece, and I cannot justify passing up an orange (orange!) Christmas mug.

Yep, it’s another mug. I think the astrological calendar is suspect, by the way. But the mug cost me 25 cents, it’s milk glass, and it was produced by Federal Glass. So I bought it for future resell.

I can’t find this glass online anywhere. And though it’s shaped sort of like a sour cream glass, it could also be something sold at T.J.Maxx last year. Who knows?
But I liked the colors, and I collect and mix-and-match rocks glasses.

This glass is way cooler in person than it appears in the photo. The design is a gold roadrunner (Beep! Beep!), and the glass is labeled/signed Couroc. Gin and tonic, anyone?

Okay. I’m including this just to be thorough. I bought two sets of these large Tupperware cups (in another color scheme) at a genuine Tupperware party over 10 years agopaying a lot more than the 96 cents this one cost, I tell you. So I know that if this cup is vintage, it's vintage . . . 2002? Still, whenever I see a mint condition one in a thrift store, I buy. These cups were originally sold with lids, complete with handy-dandy holes for straws. I use one everydaywith both lid and strawto drink my iced green tea on the go.

This can’t be very old/vintage, I know, but I thought it might be nice cut up and made into a pillow. Or just left as is? We’ll see.
But it’s muslin, and it’s a tablecloth topper size—like one you’d use on one of those cheap, round, pressed board tables, but over another tablecloth.

See. Turns out I did buy plenty. Oh, my. 

And thanks, Sir Thrift a Lot, for the opportunity to link up with you.




  1. You have some great finds.
    I always like finding Pyrex I've never seen the orange Butterprint before.

    1. Honestly, I’d never seen it before either—in person. At first, the color made me think that something might be off (dishwasher abuse or something), because it’s neither a bright orange nor a bright yellow. But I brought it home, looked it up, and it seems normal!

  2. Love the orange Butterprint! I bought the full set for an amazingly unheard of cheaper than thrift store price at an antique mall a couple of years ago. It is one of the sets that I use For Display Only. This pattern is way to hard to replace if something happened to it!

    Have a great week!


    1. Wow. An entire set? And the measly one I found is the only one I’ve ever seen. Sounds like you're wise to use "for display only."

  3. I came back to thank you for linking up today and decided to check out another post. I can't get over your pink/orange/yellow Butterprint find! (looks pink from here...) $2.99! Wow. You and the mugs. Ha ha. Thanks so much for sharing your other post at my We Call It Olde Link-Up today. Hope to see you there again! --Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Yep, Dawn. Me and the mugs . . . oh, my.
      And thanks again for the opportunity to link up. I so enjoy checking out what everyone else there has found.