Sunday, April 13, 2014

thrift store spoils, ch. 23: Pyrex faux bois, Canonsburg Temporama, and more mugs

I have no fun stories to pass on this week, so I'll just jump right in with some finds. I'll start with a beautiful authentic wooden piece and a beautiful fake wooden piece.

I'm calling this a candy dish. After I brought it home from my favorite GW, I treated it with my handy-dandy IKEA wood oil. The original sticker is still adhered to the backside, and the sticker itself is pretty cool.

That's a map/globe behind the Action name. Love it.

This is the second faux bois (false wood) tray by Pyrex I've found. The other, a larger one, has been listed in my Etsy shop for a while. But, alas, there have been no takers. I love them both, thoughso mid-century sleek. And who doesn't appreciate glossy, fake wood?

But on to more mid-century goodness.

When I saw this Pyrex Space-Saver priced at $10 at one of my regular stops (a thrift store that benefits the local hospital), I texted Mama to see whether she wanted it. Of course, she did. It's a promotional pattern from 1958, unofficially known as Black Rooster. The lid is chipped some on the underside, and it's apparently sitting in the wrong cradle. (According to my copy of PYREX Passion, it originally came with "a cradle with cork handles," while those in the photo above are plastic.) But Mama will love it anyway.

A few weeks ago, I also found this tureen for Mama. (Forgot to mention it on my blog before!) The bottom reads "Glo-White Ironside/Alfred Meakin/England." It's in perfect condition. And Mama likes yellow things.

Note, please, that I called it a "tureen" here, yet I'll admit that when I texted Mama about it from the SA, I called it a casserole. A tureen is for soup; a casserole is for . . . casseroles. I'm an American: a pot is for soup, and every other dish is for casseroles. Forgive me. 

This mid-century goodness is mine, found at two separate stores in the same week. This classic atomic pattern was manufactured by Canonsburg Pottery. It's called Temporama. 

Love, love, love the individual designs. I may use them for inspiration on the next patch I embroider to cover the holes in my jeans! Seriously. I do that.

I also found this 13x9-inch pan in Butterfly Gold (the first Butterfly Gold design that was issued between 1972 and 1978)for Mama. Remember, she loves yellows? 

Don't look closely at the photo, please, because I didn't clean it well. I got some of the  gunk off of it with Bar Keepers Friend, but got tired. Mama will have to get the rest!

And now to the obligatory mugs. (God help me.)

Between the two mugs is a sour cream glass. I cannot pass those up.

I bought the "got milk?" mug to list on Ebay. The slogan/ad campaign was just retired, and the mug is dated 1999. So I'm hoping it'll sell.

The Epcot mug is from 1982the year the ultimate mid-century atomic park opened. I'm pretty sure I was there that year, too. Epcot is my favorite of the Disney parks. And my family (both the one I grew up in and the one we're now raising) loves Disney. We've visited umpteen times. 

Not that you asked, but my favorite restaurant in Epcot?

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

From a couple of sections of the dining area, visitors enjoy a nice view of Cinderella's Castle. And if you time your meals right, you can eat while listening to a set from a fun band. 

But besttheir large and reasonably priced menu (and by "reasonably priced," I mean "reasonably priced by Disney standards") includes a veggie burger and a super condiment bar. (I care, because I'm a vegetarian.) And at the super condiment bar, I can basically build a salad on my plate! Budget yummola!

One more thingthe decor in Tomorrowland (where the restaurant is located) is retro space-age. Perfect for us vintage lovers.

And, I promise, just one more thingtry to avoid this place during traditional mealtimes. It gets busy, busy, busy. And too many people looking for a table makes us crazy, crazy, crazy. And at Disney, we need to stay happy, happy, happy. 

These Starbucks mugs are for Ebay. The one on the right is a Berlin City Mug Series mug, by the way.

I was in the Manassas SA when I saw them in an employee's cart. She was stocking shelves. I waited by the cart until she returned from setting something on a shelf, and I asked whether I could take them. 

"Yes," she said.

"Thank you," I said.

And "Goodie!" I thought.

We'll see whether any Ebay shoppers might want one of them.

That's all for now. Happy thrifting, y'all!

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting via We Call It Junkin' link party. Love your finds, love your irreverent humor! My favorites: the faux bois (love that term) and the atomic plates. BTW, I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Welcome! So glad to have you join. And thanks for the kind words.
    Yes, I enjoy browsing the link party at We Call It Junkin, too, because the blogs there are so eclectic. You never know what you're gonna get!
    As to the "faux bois"--gotta love a legitimate reason for incorporating a little French lingo into the conversation.

  3. Wow, why can't I find great Pyrex finds like you?! I remember going to EPCOT when it had just opened in 1982, and they still called it EPCOT Center, lol. Love that mug. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It